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Next Pop-Up class…

Tuesday, March 29th @ 9:00 a.m. PST (18:00 NL Start Time) – Dance Party LIVE!!!

——> Click to Join Class Now!!! <——

Classes are free to join but if you want to support these virtual classes you can do that by sending a tip/donation to your instructor (Matt) by clicking HERE!*

*Please note that tips will appear in Euros and will use a comma in place of the period.

Here’s how you participate:

First, Set Up Zoom (it’s free)!
It is a good idea to try and set up ZOOM prior to class starting. I promise it is easy – and you can do it right now!

Using the computer/phone/tablet you plan to use to join Dance Party LIVE!, click the “Join Class Now!” above. This will prompt you to download the ZOOM app on your device.

Then, before class starts…

  • I will be online 15 minutes prior to class starting so everyone has time to log on. Feel free to talk to your fellow SWEAThearts online before class starts.

  • Click the “Join Class Now!” button below.

  • When prompted, click “Join Video.”

  • Click “Call Using Internet Audio.”

  • You have the option to turn off your video and audio on your own. Don’t worry about this feature as I will manually turn off everyone’s audio right before we start so it doesn’t interfere with class streaming. You are welcome to leave your video on but do know that others can see you if you do.

  • To keep video of me centered, click on the small box that says “Matt” and then “pin video.”

If any of this is confusing, don’t worry – I can talk you through all of this once you’re online before class starts.