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Artistic Services

Below are the various artistic services provided by Matt and Dance Sweat Smile. From dance instruction and choreography to audio/video production and community building…we’re help to help!

Dance Instruction | Looking to contract an instructor to lead group fitness classes to fun and upbeat music, choreographed specifically for any and all dance and fitness levels? We love to keep people dancing, sweating and smiling.

Dance Instructor Training Do you want to learn how to lead group dance and fitness classes? Are you an instructor looking for some new and exciting choreography? With our help you can become a master at cueing or get some fresh new material to keep your group engaged and motivated.

Dance Choreography | Dreaming of doing your own dance for a special work or personal event? We can provide professional choreography and dance instruction to music you provide or music inspired by a genre you love—pop, contemporary, modern, hip-hop and more. Practice can be in person, by video conference or through pre-recorded video instruction—whatever works best for you!

Audio/Video Production | Would you rather create a fun dance experience you can preserve for posterity and share with others? We can help choreograph, instruct and record a fun video message to celebrate or promote an important event.

Dance Parties/Event Flashmobs | Want to add a dash of fun to a party or social gathering? Always wanted to create a unique flashmob event? We can provide private dance lessons for your group or create a fun, themed class tailored to you.

Cheerleading Coaching | Need a seasoned coach to provide dance and stunt instruction, at all levels of experience? With a decade+ of cheerleading and coaching experience, we can provide safe partnering and stunting techniques to you or your team.

Community Building | Looking to create an online and social media community for your creative, arts or fitness business? We can help!

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